Start Nick and selena confirmed dating

Nick and selena confirmed dating

For now, it is just a rumor, but fans think that something might be cooking between these two. They were spotted together on numerous occasions and made a great-looking couple!

Whatever the case, the post ushered in a flurry of shocked well wishes from his 62,000 fans.'OMG seriously @nickfurphy86?

Congrats,' one fan offered, punctuating the sentiment with a love heart emoji.

The image showed a gestating fetus with that was resting comfortably with a heart rate of 146 bpm.

Without any further clarification, sent his fans into a frenzy with the image and the subsequent caption. To make things even more mysterious, Nick promptly deleted the post which could indicate that he let the cat out of the bag too early or that the image was just an odd joke.

Both wore Ralph Lauren, with Nick looking handsome in a geometric print suit, and Priyanka stunning the crowd in an amazing trench-gown.

Nick posted a picture of the two on his Instagram account.

Nick was spotted paying a visit to Demi on “The X Factor” set this week.

The two were also spotted hanging out together during the show and backstage as well.

A source told People Magazine: "Justin was Selena’s first love.

He will always have a special place in her heart.” “She’s always held out hope that one day the circumstances and timing would be right," they added.

a producer claims Jerry jacked the idea 'cause he didn't wanna credit (or pay) the guy as a creator of the show.