Start Updating capistrano

Updating capistrano

I understand that Composer uses Word Press Packagist to install plugins and themes. (like commercial plugins or themes) Bedrock uses a modified folder structure but WP core is completely intact.

If you’re on a Mac running mac OS 10.5 , you’re ready to go.

If not, you can use this reference to learn how to install Ruby and Ruby Gems.

I've been using Capistrano to deploy my rails app and I've come across an issue trying to update 2 gems.

Below at the bottom is the message I get for nokogiri.

= 1.13.2' into my Gemfile and ran bundle update, pushed to github and then ran cap production deploy everything worked properly. I'm kind of surprised that worked, but I guess there was something going on between the versions of Bundler that were local and previously installed in production. :) I'll have to keep this in mind as I'm sure I'm going to run into this as well sometime soon I bet. Doing what I can, but it's just as much you and everyone else in the community who keeps it going, so thank you!

I didn't realize I specifically needed bundler in the Gemfile.

Even if you enabled auto-update I don’t think it would break anything.