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But forking over funds to pay the ransom doesn't guarantee attackers will be true to their word and victims will be able to access their data again.

These 188 pages include articles, collages, interviews and texts on the topics of: surveillance, war, journalism, democracy, consent, sustainability, art, action, and a big glossary and resource guide.

Print run of 230 copies (each one numbered in the edition), size A5, paperback binding, b/w pages with 300g color cover.

At an average of $200 per victim, Symantec estimated that the attackers hauled in at least $34,000 that day (.pdf).

Extrapolating from this, they would have earned more than $394,000 in a month.

For some mysterious reason, office plants keep being stolen from bureaucracy buildings around Berlin. Skipper, a transgender intern at the NSA, and his campy boss The Officer, are on a hunt to find the alleged Eco-Sexual Anarchist Bike Brigade which is destroying public infrastructure across Europe.

Arson attempts at the Ausländerbehörder and Frontex headquarters is putting a lot of pressure on the U. The Officer and Skipper have more on their dirty plate than just surveilling activists: they are often found surveilling the porn activity of citizens, and spying on the jiggling asses of those who bike through Tempelhofer Feld.

The digital extortion racket is not new—it’s been around since about 2005, but attackers have greatly improved on the scheme with the development of ransom cryptware, which encrypts your files using a private key that only the attacker possesses, instead of simply locking your keyboard or computer.

Most recently, a global cyberattack spread ransomware to countless computers over 150 countries.

One ransomware attack known as Reveton that is directed at US victims produces a pop-up message saying your machine has been involved in child porn activity or some other crime and has been locked by the FBI or Justice Department.

Unless you pay a fine—in bitcoin, of course, and sent to an address the attackers control—the government won't restore access to your system.

The so-called Porn Droid app targeted Android users and allowed attackers to lock the phone and change its PIN number while demanding a $500 ransom from victims to regain access.