Start Sandara and hero dating

Sandara and hero dating

A few days later, a netizen posted a status saying "I saw Dara and Jaejoong together at a coffee shop near our place!

Unknown to her that one day a room in that school will be named after her.

Over the course of the season, Park escaped elimination several times, eventually reaching the final ten contestants.

I saw some fanfiction videos of them after I heard this rumors. Anybody who wants to post their opinions about this rumored couple are welcome here.

I want to know your opinions and maybe some proofs that they might be real. YG recently released Dara and Bom in his dating ban.

To prove Sandara's rapidly rising star status, the album was certified double platinum after 6 months selling 60,000 copies.

after seeing the ABS-CBN Documentary My Name Is Sandara Park. On March 2005, Park went ahead with the workshops, putting her career in the Philippines on hold.

Six months after she first announced her plans of studying in Korea, Sandara came back to the Philippines to continue whatever she left.

Her home network has already released Angeles, and with no one currently paired with her, Joseph Bitangcol took the spot Angeles left. She found that her schedule was less tight than before.

In hopes of recovering from this business strain, Sandara's father tried his luck in the Philippines, settling in a small apartment in Pasay City and pursuing his business.

Sandara and her family remained in her grandmother's house in South Korea for some time until her father finally had enough luck and money to bring them to the Philippines.

It was thought to be strange, as she and her family who had stayed in the country for many years before she came out on TV, could still not speak any decent English, or even Tagalog, the Filipino language.