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Other friends tell me the same, that it’s not so much who their dates vote for that bothers them, but their attitude to politics and their core beliefs.

Makhno was born of a poor, fatherless peasant family.

At 16 he was apprenticed to a carpenter in his home village Gulyai-Polya in the Ukraine, where joined a local anarchist group involved in carrying out expropriations.

In the history of the revolution, no figure is so shrouded in mystery and contradiction as Nestor Ivanovich Makhno.

Even while he was still alive the most unlikely rumours circulated about him.

One of the results of Gorbachev’s reforms in the 1980s was that historians were at last able to examine and reappraise other left-wing revolutionaries against the former Russian empire, who would previously have been dismissed or attacked by the Communists as ‘bourgeois socialist’ or counterrevolutionary, simply because they weren’t Communists.

The edition of , about the Ukrainian anarchist, Nestor Makhno, who led an uprising of the workers and peasants in the Ukraine during the Russian Revolution and Civil War in the 1920s.

​It’s founder – who goes by the name of Ian – introduces himself as an anarchist of the ‘traditional anti-capitalist variety’.

Unlike most anarchists we know, Ian also has an MBA and manages website development projects as his day job.

Sadly for Ian, his project seems to be off to a very slow start, with only $35 raised as of today and just 37 days remaining.

If you’d like to help single anarchists and anarchist sympathisers connect with each other, be sure to throw some of your cash in the direction of the crowd funding website, or read more on his Facebook page.

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